• The Project

    Imagine a turquoise lagoon of crystal waters

  • The crystal waters of the lagoon are always clear, and the most beautiful landscape surrounds it.
    A paradise for numerous water sports, such as paddle surfing, canoeing, sailing, kite surfing and windsurfing, etc.
    The first A to be built in Europe, for the exclusive use of the ALCAZABA Lagoon residential development: a housing complex in contemporary Mediterranean style in Casares, a privileged zone on the Costa del Sol.

  • Lagoon

    A lagoon covering 1.4 hectares which never loses its qualities

  • ALCAZABA Lagoon offers almost all the unpowered water sports in a safe setting for your enjoyment: go out on a kayak, cut through the waters on a paddle surfboard, learn how to sail, or enjoy sports like windsurfing and kite surfing.
    With three enclosed swimming pool areas to make bathing a safe activity.

More environmentally friendly than a swimming pool

Encircled by fine sand beaches and with floating pontoons for watercraft.

ALCAZABA Lagoon uses ultrasound system technology as part of its sustainable water treatment: up to a hundred times fewer chemical additives and only 2% of the energy used by conventional swimming pool systems, takes charge of the quality of the water and permanent maintenance of the system.

  • 1.4ha

    navigable lagoon

  • 40.000m²

    exotic gardens

  • 100

    exclusive apartments

  • A

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  • Residential

    Imagine a paradisical setting in a Mediterranean residential development.

  • ALCAZABA Lagoon is the residential development of your dreams, stretching through spacious areas with exotic gardens. A development of buildings with a catching design of white lines and gentle outlines for its south-facing dwellings.

  • A white residential development on the Mediterranean

    The dwellings sit in small residential groups, nestling among large green zones of palm trees, tropical plants and pools, which create a green Mediterranean ecosystem.

    A walkway skirts the edge of the lagoon, so you can enjoy the natural setting and views while you walk, run or enjoy other wheeled sports.

    The artificial beaches are of fine sand, and have sun deck areas and zones for beach sports, communal service facilities, changing rooms and showers.

  • Show Flat

    Imagine resort quality living

  • ALCAZABA Lagoon dwellings offer a quality residential experience: airy living spaces which open onto balconies and terraces, places to enjoy the true style of Mediterranean life.
    All the dwellings have separate individual storage rooms, an underground garage and lifts; they have air conditioning to keep you cool and central heating, hot water by solar panels and satellite television. Quality finishes to the design of the interiors, such as the marble-fitted bathrooms, and kitchens included in some apartments.

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      Type A

    • Built Space: 87,80m2
    • Terrace space: 15,93m2
    • Common space: 27,30m2
    • Total space: 131,03m2
    • Usable space: 74,20m2
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      Type B

    • Built Space: 103,29m2
    • Terrace space: 18,17m2
    • Common space: 20,01m2
    • Total space: 141,47m2
    • Usable space: 83,18m2
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      Type C

    • Built Space: 87,05m2
    • Terrace space: 12,22m2
    • Common space: 19,98m2
    • Total space: 119,25,m2
    • Usable space: 74,20m2
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      Type D

    • Built Space: 127,22m2
    • Terrace space: 161,75m2
    • Common space: 33,84m2
    • Total space: 322,81,m2
    • Usable space: 191,54m2
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      Type E

    • Built Space: 101,43m2
    • Terrace space: 91,00m2
    • Common space: 30,92m2
    • Total space: 223,35m2
    • Usable space: 81,74m2
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      Type F

    • Built Space: 118,95m2
    • Terrace space: 32,63m2
    • Common space: 28,02m2
    • Total space: 179,60m2
    • Usable space: 98,11m2
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Imagine sun and mild temperatures all year round

The Costa del Sol enjoys one of Europe’s particularly special ecosystems. Not only does it have an exceptional number of sunny days, it is also protected from the winter winds by a chain of mountains, and has a milder climate in the summer.
Excellent transport links, airports close to hand and all the services from Marbella to Gibraltar: golf courses, restaurants and commercial areas, marinas, hotels, hospitals and schools.
ALCAZABA Lagoon lies within the bounds of the village of Casares, a “white village”, known for the beauty of its walking routes, and with the best coves for swimming, fishing and scuba diving.


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